Stitch Fix. Clothes. Boring.

Dollar Shave Club. Razors. But You’ve Got a Beard!

Hello Fresh. Food. Well, I guess you’ll need some food with that BEER!

First time brewer… or on your way to becoming a brewmaster…

You’ll be able to make great beer!

1. Select your batch size: 1 gallon or 5 gallon

3. Each month you’ll be sent an email with that month’s kit options, select your kit and it will be sent out at the first of the month!

4. Follow the easy instructions included with each kit, brew your beer, and enjoy!

Our Misson

We love the Tiller & Hatch meals. They are quick, delicious, nutritious, and even our kids can claim they made dinner “all by themselves” because they are so easy to make.

Tiller & Hatch also provides to communities in need, which is very important to us. The brand’s on a mission to provide good food for all – through premium products at a budget-friendly price and supporting efforts to improve access to healthy foods.

We’re working towards the day when ALL families can enjoy healthy meals together.

Brad + Kim

What’s in the Box

+ All the ingredients you need to brew a great batch of beer including:

  • Liquid Malt or Dry Malt Extract- Provide your base sugars
  • Specialty Grains- Steep to provide color and flavor and a muslin straining bag for them
  • Hops- Infuse flavors and aroma into your beer
  • Yeast- Ferment your beer and turn sugar into alcohol
  • Priming sugar and bottle caps to bottle your beer

+ Detailed Step by Step Instructions

Get Started Today!