Harmon Lane Brewing is our in-house brewery at Southwest Grape and Grain.

We focus on bridging the gap between homebrewers and professional breweries by brewing small batch beers and sharing our knowledge (and BEER!) with our homebrew customers (and anyone who wants to stop in)!

Harmon Lane
Red366.1%A well balanced Red with clean finish and a slight tropical nose
IPA706.60%A crips, clean, not overly bitter IPA with tropical nose and flavors
APA335.80%Full bodied APA strong tropical nose and flavor with a clean smooth finish
WHEAT115.00%Clean American Wheat beer. Crisp and refreshing
BLONDE8.24.70%Clear, Crisp blonde ale with a slight sweetness
Seltzer 04.50%Hard Seltzer flavored with your choice
Hazy426.40%Hazy IPA with strong Citrus aroma and tropical flavors and biterness
Peach Wheat115%Clean American Wheat beer flavored with peach
Amber266%Well balanced amber ale. Solid malt flavor, Carmel aroma, with a clean finish
Stout276.10%Full bodied Chocolate Coffee Stout